Cash Flow Solutions

“Yipes!  I Can’t Make Payroll”

If you’ve ever found yourself short of cash in your business for whatever reason, you’re not alone.   Thousands of small business owners constantly struggle to make payroll, get their bills paid on time, and collect the receivables they are owed.

The good news is you’re in the right place to get expert help with your cash flow issues.  Nearly all of her career, Loretta has specialized in helping clients with cash flow issues, and she can help you too.

No More Cash Surprises

Loretta’s cash flow solutions help clients get their cash balances optimized and back on track.  You’ll love the new information you have access to, and you will be able to manage your business –- and your cash — better than ever before.   Using her step-by-step approach that she’s used with hundreds of clients, Loretta will gently guide you through the process, and help you gather the information she needs to help you get back on track.

Some cash flow improvements can be permanent.  Loans can be restructured, saving you expensive interest payments so that you can keep more of what you make.

Improve Your Profits

We can also help you look for ways to cut costs, re-negotiate loans, and improve collections.  We enjoy seeing the positive impact on your bottom line as well as the peace of mind you gain from these services.     

Complimentary Consultation

Give us a call at 248-766-5907 or email us at to find out more or to set up your complimentary cash flow consultation.

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